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Bellon Finance is a digital asset technology company that mines cryptocurrencies, focusing on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets. Bellon Finance currently operates proprietary data centers in the United States, Canada, Kazakhstan and Indonesia, with a maximum power capacity of 185 MW. Provide users with the most professional mining machine hosting service.

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Ajinkya McMohan

Purchased Rating:5  

This company is very professional and reliable, suitable for novices to participate in mining, and gives high profits!

Jessica Willson

Business man Rating:4  

I just shared my WhatsApp, telegram and Facebook chat group, and I got $20. It's great!!

Bhagat Chaturvedy

Reader Rating:5  

I have bought 20 mining machines, and I can get 238 dollars a day. That's great. I'm going to fire my boss next month.